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Harness the Power of AI for Senior Executives

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Overview/Objectives Unveil the future of Artificial Intelligence, a multi-modal marvel that redefines what's possible. Over this dynamic two-day course, delve into an AI that sees, hears, speaks. With ability to create custom GPTs to share revenue, the realm of creativity and productivity is boundless. From generating high-resolution graphics to personalized AI experiences, every aspect is a step towards unparalleled innovation. Discover the art of the possible with Generative AI, where every interaction is a leap towards the extraordinary. What Will Students Learn? • Swift Document Creation: Master the art of crafting forms and presentations in minutes, a vital skill in the fast-paced business realm. • Video Clip Generation: Learn to create compelling video clips from mere text, a testament to the power of modern AI. • High-Resolution Graphics: Dive into generating captivating high-resolution graphics inclusive of text, a blend of creativity and precision. • Real-Time Web Research: Harness the power of ChatGPT-4 Turbo to pull in current web information for on-the-spot research and data-driven decision making. • Personalized AI Experience: Uncover the secrets to customizing ChatGPT-4 Turbo, creating a personalized AI that understands your unique needs. • Create Custom GPTs: Create custom GPTs for work and profit. • Use Tools: Claude2, BARD, Llama2, Bing-Chat(Co-Pilot), Bing Image Creator, ChatGPT for Word What Topics are Covered? • Introduction to ChatGPT-4 Turbo and its transformative multi-modal capabilities. • Advanced Data Analysis: Harnessing AI for insightful, data-driven decisions. • DALL-E Integration: Generating high-resolution images and understanding its synergy with ChatGPT-4 Turbo. • Plugin Exploration: Venturing into the vast plugin ecosystem to extend functionality. • Create Custom GPTs. • Real-world Applications: A deep dive into how generative AI is reshaping various industry domains. • Generative AI tools from Anthropic, Google, Microsoft.

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