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Harness the Power of AI for Engineers

  • 2Days
  • 6Steps


Harness the Power of AI for Engineers Day 1: Fundamentals and Text-based Generative AI Module Topic 1 Introduction to Generative AI 2 Generating Text with AI 3 Advanced Text Manipulations 4 Programming with AI Day 2: Visual, Audio, and Video Generative AI Module Topic 5 Generating Images and Diagrams 6 Advanced Data Analysis and Visualization 7 Group Project – Integrating GenAI into Engineering Projects 8 Exploring Audio and Vido Capabilities Course Features: Interactive Lectures:** Each module begins with a comprehensive lecture to introduce concepts and technologies. Hands-on Sessions:** Following each lecture, participants engage in hands-on activities to apply what they've learned, using real-world engineering examples. Group Project:** Allows participants to collaborate and apply multiple aspects of Generative AI to solve an engineering problem. Q&A and Discussion:** Each day ends with a session for questions and discussions on the day's material and how it applies to participants' work. This course is designed to be practical and application-focused, enabling engineers to leverage Generative AI technologies in their everyday tasks, enhancing creativity, efficiency, and productivity in their engineering roles.

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RM 2,000.00


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